Thursday, August 30, 2012

Computer Woes and Other Things

We've been in Lagos two weeks today and at least so far our days are relatively predictable.  In the morning, we often fight with the internet, clean, do errands, etc.  Then lunch and in the afternoon we go to the pool or the beach.  It really has been a sort of extended vacation--or staycation, since we live here now.  However, things are about to change in the next couple of weeks.  We went to the sports center here in town yesterday to ask about a soccer team for Max and spoke to this very friendly man (who unfortunately coaches 12 year olds) who directed us to the stadium.  There we had a very laborious conversation in English with the very friendly and helpful receptionist, although it transpired at the end of the discussion that French would have been easier for her.  We switched to French and--amazing!--it was much easier. I felt like an idiot.  I have also got to improve my Portuguese because even the Portuguese think that I am Portuguese!  In any case, the receptionist gave us the number to call and it turns out that practice starts on the 11th.  Max is thrilled because soccer is his current obsession and we are excited because he'll get to meet some kids before school starts.

His school doesn't start until the 24th, but we have a meeting at the school on Monday at 3 which I am looking forward to.  I really want to see the school, plus we need to figure out exactly how to get there and how long it will take.  The bus station is right over the bridge, so it will be easy to get there.  Max, however, will need to start moving in the mornings, though!

I am STILL waiting for a computer cord.  The store here couldn't be more helpful if they tried--they have been very apologetic about how long it's taking.  There was much joy in Mudville the other day when the cord actually came until we discovered that the supplier had sent the wrong one.  Fortunately, he had a Mac that he's trying to fix for someone so was able to charge my computer for me with the other person's cord.  It's back to square one, though...I will scope out some quiet places to Skype and look into a portable hotspot.  That seems to be the only answer, since the internet here is quirky.

Max is starting to amaze me with his mathematical ability.  Frank has taught him how to play Sheepshead, which is really complicated, and he can add up his score very quickly.  This is especially impressive because there are many different values involved.  We were watching tennis tonight at dinner (although the restaurant had the sound off) and Max was informing us about triple set point.  I thought that was really good, but I'm his mother, so what do I know...

He is ever more curious about spiritual things than he was before.  He keeps asking me questions like whether God has a brain and to explain eternity.  Needless to say, I don't know the answers.  We went to church last Sunday, but it was a Catholic church and all in Portuguese, so none of us really got much out of it.  It was a very pretty church, though!

Max tries to speak Portuguese with people, although his language skills are rather limited so far.  He does like Portuguese commercials.  He is also very smart about getting the help he needs.  He went to the bathroom the other morning and left the access card in there.  Frank and I could see him coming back and then he went up to the security guard and said something.  The guard started walking back towards the bathroom with him, where he let him in and Max got the card back.  I thought that showed good thinking.

If there is a dog anywhere, Max has to stop and pet it.  He's doing research for our future dog and he has a pretty good knowledge of dog breeds in general, as well as which ones might or might not fulfill our criteria.  He is also learning to read dog signals and how to approach them.  Now he just needs to learn to ask in Portuguese if he can pet the dog!

Once I get my cord I promise to post some pictures; I am trying to save conserve battery power for as long as possible.

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