Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's November...

8 November 2012

Once again I cannot believe how long it's been since I've updated this blog!  And no, it's not that I'm doing so many things; I actually have no idea what I've been doing.  I just told my sister in an email that it's not that I don't have anything to do, it's that I don't have any specific time at which it needs to be done, so that means that it's hard to structure the day.  However, I will persevere!

The biggest news is that we got our residency cards in the mail, so now we are legal residents for the next year, which is a huge thing off our minds.  I am sure that there must be just as much bureaucracy in the US when something like this needs to be done; it just seems easier to do it because of the familiarity of it all.  In any case, we got it done and our mug shots (that's what they look like, honestly) and fingerprints are now on record with the Portuguese government AGAIN.

It's been incredibly rainy here, much more so than usual.  Apparently last year was very dry, so this year is a deluge.  It is also very inconvenient that our bimini leaks and we are trying to have it replaced but so far are not having much luck.  The arguments with the company we bought the boat from continue...

Frank is trying to resurrect his golf game.  The first time he went out was terrible, apparently, and should have resulted in a course ban (in his own mind), but the next one was better, so now he's decided that perhaps he is not at the end of his golf life yet.

I am trying to learn some Portuguese, and structurally it is sort of similar to French, but then again it isn't.  Pronounciation is something else entirely.  Max's Portuguese is coming along, although he doesn't think so.  He's recently decided that he wants to specialize in defense on the soccer field.  He played goalie once in practice but wasn't entirely convinced.

Jade came through her spaying just fine and is settling in.  I think once she gets over the puppy stage she'll work out very well.

I guess that's about all the news from here at the moment!

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