Thursday, October 10, 2013

And Now, the Next Installment...

We are trying really hard to put the Mediterranean behind us, but we don't seem to be allowed to.  We thought yesterday that it was a beautiful day--perfect weather, calm seas (like a lake, really), so we left our quiet anchorage next to the power plant at 4:45 heading towards Estipona.  That required an overnight.

Frank went to bed at 9:30 and Max and I took the first shift.  We played some games and I watched for boats. There were a few waves, but not many.

By the time Frank woke up at midnight things had gotten rougher. We were fighting the wind and the waves, so we were not making good time.  Max brought his Powies and his glow-in-the-dark turtle into our room and the two of us lay down. Max went to sleep after a few minutes, but I could not.

We had high waves--for NO apparent reason--all night. We had to abandon our plans for Estipona and change course for Benalmadena, only about 18 miles away.

[Added much later]:  We made Benalmadena and spent a day there.  Then we continued towards Lagos.  Our trip after this was uneventful, although I should note that we were ZOOMING through the Straits of Gibraltar.  We had the current and the waves pushing us and we were making almost 8 knots at one point!

We arrived back in Lagos on September 22 and Max started school again on the 24th.  He only missed three days, thanks to Frank's incredible planning and navigation!

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