Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last night in France

1 July
Tonight is our last night in France and I am sad.  It has been wonderful to get to spend a few days, even though we have been so focused on getting to places where the boats are that we've not really seen much.  I have a feeling that my French is getting better--and even though I am not going to save the world I can negotiate a hotel room pretty well.  I think if I were to stay for a little while I might do pretty well.

It's been an eventful trip, though.  Max cut his nose on a sign while he was looking through the wrong end of his binoculars, Frank hurt his foot (but it's better now), and I am feeling fat.  All that cheese and wine!  No one needed stitches or a hospital stay, though, so we're good.  Today we decided not to worry about boats and we went to Carcassone, a beautiful medieval town not far from Perpignan.  The weird thing was that even though it was almost 90 degrees yesterday, it didn't get hotter than about 60 today.  My summer dress was not nearly as cute with a fleece over it!

I hope I've attached these pictures correctly!


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  1. Glad to learn your travel adventures have been generally good. Are you off to Spain? Keep a picture of Max and his nose so you can share that story at a high school graduation... a pretty good one.

    Can't see the pix so please re-post. :)