Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2

We crossed into Spain and quickly realized that no one--at least so far--speaks anything that we do.  That makes me feel very nostalgic for France where I could at least communicate.  It also makes me feel a tiny bit hostile because I don't want people to think that we are those people who can't make an effort to learn another language.

We downloaded Spanish Babbel but it seems to focus more on individual words than it does on useful constructions.  I would like to know how to ask for a hotel room, at least!

We also discovered at lunch that Spanish tapas are much larger than American ones.  We had lunch in what seemed to be a sort of local gathering place in a town just across the border from France.  I was practically the only woman in the place.  It seemed that people who worked nearby would bring their lunches and get something to drink at the bar.  I had some YUMMY gazpacho, though, and I think I may have to eat it at every meal until I leave this country.  This country is clearly one which has the utmost respect for the tomato!

The areas of Spain we've driven through are very pretty so far but we haven't had time to stop.  Frank and Max did go swimming for a little while this afternoon in a very cold river, though!

This morning we looked at what I think is my favorite boat so far.  It is a Dufour 385 and had more space than even the 44-foot one, perhaps--probably because it only has one bathroom.  That is OK with me, though; I'd rather have the extra space and we've all always shared a bathroom anyway.  And if we bought this boat we could spend some more time in France!

The bad thing about this bat is that it doesn't have a lot of extra equipment, though, so we would have to do some outfitting.

Since we are doing so much driving, I downloaded Harriet the Spy on Max's Kindle on his device and we've been reading it as we go down the highway.  On the one hand it's a little old for him, but on the other we've been talking about it as we go along.  That was one my very favorite books when I was a kid; I must have read it at least 100 times.

I don't think I have ever seen a country so in love with roundabouts as the French.  Except on the major highway/interstates, they appear about every mile or so--more often in towns.  We've seen some in Spain too but not nearly as many.

July 3

Frank took this picture near our hotel this morning.

Today we looked at a gorgeous boat in Burriani, Spain.  In case you are as ignorant of Spanish geography as I, it's down south a couple of hundred kilometers from Valencia.  The town itself is absolutely nothing to write home about (so I won't), but the boat was as nice as we thought it would be.  This is the boat that I sent a link about a few weeks ago.  It's got lots of space and lots of extras--things like tailor-made linens for the bed and an extra-long bimini top.  It was owned by someone who apparently just doesn't have the time to use it; it's only been used twice and has been impeccably maintained.  It's also the only boat so far that's got automatic furling--and the people who were showing it to us took us out for a test sail.  It's a very easy boat to sail.  We see one more boat tomorrow and will decide after that.  I will keep you all posted!

I took this picture near our hotel last evening.

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