Monday, July 9, 2012

Towards Granada.....

8 July

We are heading towards Granada and the Alhambra. It is very brown and dry here, not a very welcoming landscape at all. No clouds in the sky. There are huge boulders, some of which have castles on the top. You can see how difficult it would have been for anyone to invade.

Spanish roads, even the free ones, are excellent. They are very smooth and well-maintained. Of course, the tolls on the toll roads are so expensive that the other roads should be good!

We have this car for another week, so once it's gone we will most likely be somewhere waiting for the boat to arrive so we can take possession of it, assuming we do buy the Hanse 400. This car was not expensive and it's pretty high- tech. It came with a GPS and it has some technology with which, even though it's a stick shift, it won't roll on a hill even without putting on the handbrake. There is also a tray table in front of Max so he can play. I was also very pleased to find out that it only cost ten euros extra for a really nice seat for Max. In the US it costs so much to get a car seat in a rental that you might as well either just buy one or bring your own.

We've been hearing a lot on the news about the unemployment in Spain and it is very bad, especially for young adults, but that is not as obvious in the areas by the coast which seem to rely on tourism for their income. Apparently it's been raining almost nonstop in England since March, so all the British people who possibly can have come to southern Spain for some sun.

People still seem to be buying things, though. We were in Murcia last night, which was not a very interesting city,  but its main purpose seemed to be shopping. The stores were still open at 9:00 at night and people were weighed down by shopping bags.

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