Wednesday, July 4, 2012

And We Have a Boat...No, Wait, We Don't!

July 5

No one in Spain does anything early.  Earlier today, Max was starving and we wanted to get lunch but it was very difficult to find anywhere that was open for lunch before 1:00.  This country is wreaking havoc on Frank's schedule because of the lateness.  Since he wakes up by 5 most morning, he is starving for breakfast, which is very difficult to get Max up for since no one eats dinner before 8 :30 or 9:00, so Max never gets to bed before 10 and Frank falls asleep before Max does sometimes.  Max loves that, but it does mean that Frank and I don't get any sort of evening.  We've told Max that all this will change once we get settled--he can't keep Spanish hours once school starts!

Much excitement yesterday as we spent hours driving on curvy roads to see one more boat before we made an absolute decision on the one we thought we wanted.  We had promised the person who showed it to us that we were going to make a decision yesterday but we were pretty sure we wanted it. We saw the second boat and did not like it, so sent the email and headed towards his office about 20km away to see what we needed to do next.  When we got there we found out that someone had made a down payment on the boat yesterday morning, so we missed out.  So much for the champagne at dinner last night!  Now we are back to square one.

He showed us another boat while we were there which was also very nice.  This one was a bit older (2004) and a bit longer (42 feet instead of 40) and had more hours on the motor but we don't think that would necessarily be a deal breaker (I've been using that word too much lately but don't seem to be able to stop).  We need to think about it for a couple of days before we decide.

There is another boat which is the same as the one we didn't get (a Jenneau Sun Odyssey), so we are thinking that we will go to Majorca and see that one and if we like it we will most likely buy it.  We still have all our luggage and I am about ready to throw it all in a trash can.  I won't, I promise, but I haven't purged anything for a month now and am getting antsy.

Max has been such a good traveller; he's got lots of things to entertain himself in the back seat and as long as we are on the freeway (which is NOT free and not cheap; Spain must fund their roads entirely through tolls) we've been reading Harriet the Spy.

Frank has turned into a photographer in the morning.  He's been going out early and walking and taking pictures and some of them are good!  No, I am not surprised, but he is finding out that photography is actually fun.  Who knew...  :)


  1. Oh man, reading this stressed me out - reminded me of all that awful house-buying we were trying to do a couple of months ago. Hope you find your home soon! Miss you guys!

  2. Lets have Frank's pics! We are so excited by your process! I know it has to be super stressful getting your boat locked down but you guys will have an awesome adventure.